Car Key Programming

Car Key Programming

Car keys that are programmable are known as transponder keys.  They are now commonplace with most new cars and work by providing the radio transmission link between the car and the key.  Because every key is programmed to be unique to each car, without its transponder key, a car can’t be driven. Therefore, using a transponder key reduces the chance of your car being stolen.

Transponder key replacement service

People commonly ask if it is possible to programme a key fob on your own. Each car will have a very different programming method. You will need both the instructions for programming the key and a blank key.  If the key has previously been programmed to another car, then this may not work.  It would be far easier to call us and we will supply and programme you a new key.  Our mobile workshop will come out to you anywhere within 20 miles of Hull, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Our vans are fitted out with all the latest equipment to replace or repair car keys, whether lost or broken. Our fully trained car locksmiths have all the expert knowledge and skills needed for the job.  We stock and programme keys for most car manufacturers, including Mercedes, Ford, Vauxhall, Volkswagen, Peugeot and Citroen.

Keep a spare car key handy

Car keys may need to be replaced if they are damaged or lost.  It is also handy to have a spare key in case of emergency.  Spare keys are also useful to have because it is cheaper to get a copy of a key than it is to get a new key made from scratch. Most new cars come with two keys, but if you buy a secondhand car and it only comes with one key, we recommend that you get a duplicate key cut.  Immotec also provides replacement keyless fobs, which perform the functions of a standard car key without physical contact. Keyless fobs are otherwise known as proximity keys.

Keep Immotec’s number handy in your car in case of a car key emergency, you can reach us on 07748 114114 or 01482 762646 or complete this short form online.

We programme transponder keys in the Hull area

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