Top Tips For Lost or Broken Car Keys

Immobiliser Repairs

Three parts make up an automobile immobiliser: a control unit, a relay unit, and a key. An electronic immobiliser prevents a vehicle from starting unless the proper key or key fob is used. When you start your car, the key or fob sends an electronic code to the ECU, which is how car immobilisers work. [...]

Car Key Duplicates 

Your best option for assistance with car key duplicates is to use a professional auto locksmith service like Immotec. Any ignition key for any vehicle can be duplicated and cloned using our specialised equipment. In addition, we provide mobile and same-day delivery if you lose your spare key. The simplest and most practical way to [...]

Coronavirus Information

During this worrying Coronavirus outbreak, we will be providing an emergency auto locksmith service that is within governmental guidelines. Our policy is, as always, to keep customers and our staff safe and we have taken the following specific measures with respect to the conoravirus: Keep safe Tom & The Immotec Team

Replace a lost car key without visiting a dealer

If you’ve ever lost your car keys, you’ll realise what an inconvenience that is. Not only have you lost your ability to get from A to B in your prized possession but you’ll probably also have your house keys and maybe other keys on the same key ring. Whilst we can’t help you with the […]