Emergency Car Locksmith Prices

We offer highly competitive emergency locksmith prices for replacement car keys and fobs. Each job is individual and the price will depend on the make and model of your vehicle and exactly what issue you have with your car key. Sometimes vehicle security information held by the dealer will be required, and this should be provided to the engineer when requested. Occasionally this information may not be upto date and create additional cost, mainly if no keys are available.  The engineer will ask you for this information when relevant.

Rather than publishing the usual ‘it depends’ answer on prices, we trust that the following will give you an idea of the range of
prices for our auto locksmith services in the Hull area:


  • Basic spare car key (no remote) from £59*


  • Spare remote from £89*


  • Basic replacement key if all keys lost from £129


  • Basic replacement remote if all keys lost from £149

*based on buying a second key in an all keys lost situation

As you can see, a spare car key price is significantly cheaper than creating a new key for ones which have been lost or stolen. We’d
therefore recommend that you consider ordering a spare car key at the time any replacement key is cut.

Whilst we are very happy to provide you with indicative prices for our car locksmith services, please be aware that the following will also be taken into account when confirming the final price.

1. Make and Model of Vehicle

The make, model & age of the car or van you have, the immobiliser system and procedure can vary wildly between vehicles.

2. Type of Car Key

Whether it’s a basic mechanical key, a remote key with buttons, or a proximity key that stays in your pocket while you drive.

3. Codes to programme your car key

Whether or not we need to obtain a PIN code for your key’s programming, while not expensive obtaining codes can sometimes delay things.

We offer a 24/7 emergency call-out service and can fix most car key problems. Call us on 07748 114114 or contact us online.